YS Sunitha Reddy’s Strong Reply To CM Jagan Comments on YS Viveka in Interview

Monday, July 22, 2024

In a recent interview, YS Sunitha criticized YS Jagan for his remarks on the YS Viveka Murder Case, particularly in response to opposition queries regarding his commitment to justice for the women of the state. Sunitha expressed her dissatisfaction with Jagan’s assertion that his sisters’ welfare is a personal matter, emphasizing that leaders, especially the Chief Minister, should prioritize justice and righteousness above personal concerns. She emphasized that the focus should be on delivering justice rather than favoring individuals, highlighting the unresolved nature of the YS Viveka murder case despite five years having passed since the incident.

Sunitha underscored the significance of Viveka’s status as a former MLA, MLC, and minister, as well as his familial ties to prominent political figures, questioning the implications of failing to deliver justice in such a high-profile case. She criticized Jagan for dismissing law and order issues as personal matters, asserting her commitment to fighting for the state’s welfare and ensuring that such incidents do not recur. Sunitha concluded by urging the people of Kadapa to demonstrate their support for justice in the face of ongoing scrutiny.

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