TDP Nandmuri Balakrishna’s press meet at NTR Ghat

Monday, June 24, 2024

Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna paid tribute to NTR on his 101st birth anniversary at NTR Ghat in Hyderabad. In his subsequent address to the media, Balakrishna lauded NTR as a pivotal figure who awakened political consciousness among the people. He described NTR as the deity of the Telugu community, whose inspiration has been widely embraced.

Balakrishna highlighted NTR’s humble beginnings in a farmer’s family and his initial focus on education before entering the film industry. He referred to NTR as the “decoration of the navarasalas” and praised his contributions to the acting world, likening his influence to that of a university for aspiring actors. Balakrishna noted that NTR transitioned to politics at the height of his film career, where he became an undisputed maharaja.

He commended NTR for bringing various professionals, including doctors and lawyers, into the political arena, and for instilling a sense of self-respect in the Telugu nation. Balakrishna emphasized that many of NTR’s schemes are still being followed today, underscoring his lasting impact on society.

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