Gunasekhar’s Next Venture ‘Euphoria’

Monday, June 24, 2024

Gunasekhar stands out as a prominent filmmaker in Telugu cinema, renowned for his grandiose sets that add depth and spectacle to his films. With a diverse repertoire, he has helmed projects spanning various genres, from romance to action to historical epics. His versatility and commitment to storytelling have solidified his place in the industry as a director with a distinct vision and a knack for creating cinematic experiences that captivate audiences across genres.

After a year-long , Gunasekhar makes a stylish comeback with his latest project, “Euphoria.”Promising to be a vibrant and socially conscious drama, ‘Euphoria’ dives deep into contemporary issues, offering a compelling narrative that resonates strongly with today’s youth.”

True to form, Gunasekhar will be producing the film under his own banner, Guna Handmade Films, ensuring his creative vision remains uncompromised.

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