Prithviraj Makes Strong Comments On Minister Roja

Monday, February 26, 2024

Amaravati: Tollywood actor and JanaSena leader Prithviraj has stirred speculation with his recent remarks. Addressing the media, he asserted that Roja would likely be the first casualty in the upcoming elections, predicting her defeat as akin to a wicket falling in cricket. Prithviraj cited numerous allegations against Roja, dubbing her the “Diamond Queen,” and pledged an inquiry under the prospective Jana Sena-TDP coalition government.

He vowed that Roja’s past controversial remarks would face appropriate consequences. Highlighting electoral projections, Prithviraj outlined expectations of the Jana Sena-TDP alliance securing 136 assembly seats and 21 parliamentary seats across regions from Srikakulam to Srikalahasti.

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