Students stage protest at Mallareddy University over food quality

Monday, February 26, 2024

Hyderabad: Tension erupted outside Mallareddy University in Hyderabad’s Maisammaguda as students initiated a dharna to protest against the substandard food served on campus, resulting in illness among the students. NSUI activists and students rallied for answers from college in-charge Mahender Reddy, leading to significant traffic congestion on both sides of the road. Allegations surfaced that despite complaints regarding insect-infested food served in the hostels, authorities remained indifferent to the students’ plight.

Moreover, concerns were raised over the employment of men as security guards in the ladies’ hostel, purportedly subjecting female students to harassment. Students accused Mallareddy University management of neglecting their educational needs despite hefty fees, alleging a cover-up of illnesses caused by contaminated food. The situation escalated on February 7 when students fell ill due to a cockroach and lizard found in their dinner at the university hostel. Student union leaders continued their protest on Thursday, prompting ongoing demonstrations outside the university since then.

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