Pawan Warns Sajjala He Cannot Tolerate Attack On Chiranjeevi

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan lashed out at Government Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy for criticising his brother Chiranjeevi and warned he cannot tolerate any attack on his brother.  He campaigned on behalf of NDA candidates in Narasapuram and Bhimavaram of West Godavari district on Sunday night.

‘I don’t know if Sajjala comes from the tigers… from the factional background, they say that the lion comes single… but you are a group of pigs who have looted the state. All of you have increased money, power and pride’, he said.

He took severe exception for politicising Chiranjeevi contributing Rs 5 crore to him and encouraging his son Ram Charan too and said that Chiranjeevi is a person who maintains cordial relations with all. He cautioned that he cannot digest if the YCP batch attacks such nice persons and people longing to Shetty Balija, Kapu, SC, ST and others.

Pawan Kalyan wondered why YCP leaders seem to be panicking for just Chiranjeevi conveying his best wishes to CM Ramesh (Anakapalli Lok Sabha BJP candidate) and Panchakarla Rameshbabu (Pendurthi Jana Sena candidate).

He deplored that this gang was unable to tolerate even  Superstar Rajinikanth wished Chandrababu on his birthday. He said that though Chandrababu was a very soft person earlier, when he debuted he became tough after going to jail. “Now I also joined Chandrababu. You will definitely face backlash from us”, he warned.

“I’m telling you from the ground of Narasapuram.. Sajjala.. You and Jagan should change. Otherwise, when the alliance comes to power you have to face music”, he added. Pawan Kalyan became angry every time YCP leaders referred to his marriages and his personal life. Where is a family without problems? He asked.

He lamented that this CM has rowdy gangs, blade batches and wasteful officials. He warned that unlike CM Jagan he is not the third general politician, but first generation person from a low class family.

“I started a political party. I lost in two places. Even though I did not run away from politics”, he said he was reminded that he had sustained the party for ten years.

He deplored that after Jagan came to power, the rowdies increased in the state. They did not leave Chandrababu’s wife, even his sisters Sharmila and Sunita.  Pawan Kalyan warned people that if Jagan is given power again, this time he will loot away people’s properties too. 

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