Panic Modi Says Congress Distribute Mangalsutras To Muslim

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Prime MInister Narendra Modi seems to be panicking after the first phase of polling receiving indication of Congress to perform well in Rajasthan, where in earlier polls BJP had won all 25 seats and cautioned if Congress comes to power it will distribute properties, gold and ornaments to Muslims.

He alleged the Congress’s poll manifesto had pledged to “survey” and “attach” citizens’ properties and distribute them disproportionately among Muslims, “jinke zyada bachchhe hain” (who have more children).

The Congress manifesto nowhere talks of surveying and attaching properties. Modi seemed to be alluding to a section on “Wealth” in the Congress document that talks of addressing “rising inequality between the rich on the one hand and the poor and middle class on the other” with suitable policy measures.

Modi alleged that even the “mangalsutras” of “mothers and sisters” would be confiscated and distributed among “Musalmaanon” (Muslims). At Sunday’s election rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, Modi went on to allege that the Congress manifesto had been inspired by “Maoism” and that the party was fully in the grip of “urban Naxals”.

The Congress is in the grip of urban Naxals. What the Congress has said in its manifesto is serious and a matter of concern. It’s an effort to implement the Maoist ideology,” he said.

“They have said that if the Congress forms the government, the properties owned by every citizen would be surveyed. How much gold our sisters have will be probed and evaluated. Our tribal families own silver and that too will be evaluated. What government officials have will also be investigated,” he added.

He said that the ‘Grand Old Party’ is the symbol of instability adding it doesn’t have candidates to field in the elections. “The Congress has hollowed out the country by spreading termites of nepotism and corruption. And today the country is angry with the Congress and is punishing it for these sins. The Congress party is itself to be blamed for its present condition… The party which had once won 400 seats is unable to contest 300 seats on its own,” he added.

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