MP Avinash Reddy once again skipped the CBI interrogation

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy has once again chosen to skip the CBI interrogation which has to be done today. He has skipped the earlier time stating that he was preoccupied with his work and as the CBI has summoned him in the last moment, it’s difficult for him to attend it.

After that CBI has come to Avinash’s residence and has given the summons to attend before the CBI on May 19th and he has reportedly skipped this one as well. But he has sent his team of lawyers conveying the message that in the last moment, Avinash Reddy’s mom has suffered a heart stroke for which he has rushed to the hospital. The team of lawyers also requested the CBI to schedule a new date taking this into consideration.

Till now the Kadapa MP has been questioned by CBI 6 times and still the CBI wants to enquire about him regarding certain things. The way how things were happening seems to be like Avinash Reddy is intentionally avoiding CBI for the reasons best known to him. Have to wait and see what actions will be taken by the probe agency.

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