HC notices to YSRCP Minister on Illegal Mining

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh shocked the AP Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Vidadala Rajini by serving her notices regarding an illegal mining case along with other leaders.

The HC looked at a case lodged on illegal mining in the Palnadu District after receiving a petition from someone and opined that the YSRCP Minister had some link and role to play in granting the permissions at 91 acres of land. After the preliminary investigation, the court sent notices to Rajini along with Devineni Prathap Reddy and to a local Tahsildar at once. The notices directed the receivers to submit their explanations and arguments in the court and only after that, any further investigations shall be done as of now, the court was adjourned for three weeks.

First-hand information that got the notices revealed that the court clearly found the role of Minister Rajini in granting permission for illegal mining. Being on the ruling side of the government, experts say that the case shall be delayed until the end of the general elections as it might affect the reputation of the party.

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