Pic Talk: Salman and her ex caught kissing

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hindi Superstar Salman Khan stole the hearts of his ardent fans by kissing his first-ever known girlfriend this world, Sangeeta Biljani the other day at his residence.

For those who think this is an act of romance, you are mistaken as the hero only cared for her since he met the ex-girlfriend after a couple of decades. Salman Khan turned 57 yesterday and threw a big birthday bash to his near and dear mates in his residence in Mumbai. Incidentally, his first girlfriend Sangeetha Biljani also made it to the party. Bhai Jaan of Bollywood was kind enough to walk her out, hugged her, and kissed her on the forehead representing his love even after all these years. The paparazzi who snapped this pic made it viral and the fans are going gaga over their favorite hero’s sweet gesture.

Salman dated Bilijani when they were thick friends during their modeling days and their relationship grew deeper to a stage of engagement. When everyone thought they would get married, they split up and were never seen together. Salman became a hero and got busy and Sangeeta after a disrupted career married Mohammad Azzaruddin only to divorce him later. 

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