Finally, BJP got its entrance into the Council with an MLC win

Monday, February 26, 2024

The saffron party in Telangana registered its win in the Teachers and Graduates MLC elections as the BJP candidate AVN Reddy won among 18 contestants including the BRS in the Mahbubganar-Rangar Reddy-Hyderabad teachers constituency. 

The MLC votes counting process started as early as 8:25 AM in the morning and as many as 1,500 polling staff counted 21 rounds until evening to finish off this gigantic task by taking shifts. Initially AVN Reddy got stiff competition from the BRS-backed Chennakeshava Reddy but he later got eliminated in the 18th round. In the 19th round, Congress-backed G Harshavardhan Reddy got eliminated against the AVN Reddy, followed by the elimination of CPM-supported Manik Reddy in the 20th round. The Returning Officer Priyanka declared the win of AVN Reddy as he secured 13,436 votes after 21 rounds by Friday evening and BJP celebrated the success at the party office.

This is the first win of the BJP after the loss of Graduate MLC N Ramachander Rao in the past and finally, BJP did get its chance to make its voice heard in the Council house. AVN Reddy declared that this win was possible only because of the support of the BJP. He opined that the anti-incumbency and people who hate the anti-teachers ruling by BRS helped his win against the BRS candidate. Reddy stated that he would open an office and provide a toll-free number for all the teachers to solve their issues around the clock.

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