Harish Rao hits back at Union Minister on his lies

Harish Rao hits back at Union Minister on his lies

Irrigation Minister of Telangana, T Harish Rao has given a jolt to the Union Minister Bhisweswar Tudu regarding his claims on Kaleshwaram Project’s National Status. Declaring the BJP is doing vengeance politics, Harish silenced all with a series of facts.

Taking his Twitter, BRS Minister Harish Rao declared that the BJP Ministers are deliberate liars. He reacted to the Union Minister of Tribal Welfare, Bhisweswar Tudu’s comments in Parliament on Friday. Tudu stated that it was BJP who gave National Project Status to the Kaleshwaram project in Telangana as BRS never applied or requested it in the first place. Harish termed it as pure political hypocrisy as he reminded all that he and his CM KCR cleared all the certifications from the CWC and other organizations for the Kaleshwaram Project and applied for its status multiple times but the then Irrigation Minister of Jal Shakti rejected all the proposals.

Harish went on to provide information that the BJP had openly declared that it won’t give ‘National Project Status’ to Kaleshwaram or any project in 2018 but it has given two projects one in Karnataka and another in Madhya Pradesh despite its non-clearances with the CWC just because both states were ruled by the BJP party. Since Telangana belongs to the BRS, which is an opponent to Modi, they rejected the status proposal and now they cleared it only to win votes, declaring Harish on his micro-blogging site.

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