CBN and Balakrishna paid rich tributes to the legendary NTR Sr.

<strong>CBN and Balakrishna paid rich tributes to the legendary NTR Sr.</strong>

The TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and Hindupur MLA Bala Krishna paid rich tributes to the legendary NTR marking the occasion of his death anniversary.

The National head of TDP, Chandrababu Naidu visited the memorial of NTR and addressed the ardent followers of TDP by hailing the demised ex-CM of United Andhra Pradesh. Babu cited that NTR is the first person who introduced welfare schemes to the common people in the history of Indian Politics and worked hard only for the sake of helping poor people. Claiming that he was a huge admirer of his father-in-law, Naidu declared that NTR has completely changed Indian Politics with his style of administration and governance.

The son of NTR, Balayya expressed his happiness for being born as the son of such an amazing leader who solely dedicated his political career to the welfare of society in the united Andhra Pradesh. In this regard, Balayya never hesitated to declare that his father who was born into a common middle-class family went on to become a huge star and later the most successful Chief Minister and gave political future to many leaders in the Telugu states. 

Earlier the star actor NTR Jr along with his brother Kalyan Ram also visited the memorial of NTR Sr to pay his tributes to the grandfather. All in all the anniversary of NT Rama Rao has lifted the spirits of many followers and supporters of TDP.

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