YSRCP Govt officials vexed the High Court

<strong>YSRCP Govt officials vexed the High Court</strong>

In what may be called an embarrassing moment for any highest-ranked officials for any state, the High Court openly ridiculed two Govt officials of AP for their unprecedented way of administration under the ruling of YSRCP.

Going into the details, a private construction company owner Kancharla Kasaiah from Tadivaripale in Prakasam District filed a case against the AP Govt as it failed to pay for the gravel he supplied. After multiple hearings, The Justice bench called in the two officials that are responsible and declared to them that the High Court was vexed with both of them. The two officials; Former Principal Secretary Panchayati Raj Department and Agricultural Department Principal Secretary-Gopalkrishna Dwivedi & Principal Secretary of Revenue SS Rawat. The Justice added that the HC feels the government officials are only following orders after multiple hearings and summoning them.

On this note, The HC claimed that it would be better if it summons the officials in the first hearing itself as the officials are acting ridiculously. At one point in time, the Chief Justice stated that the Court got bored of seeing the faces of these two officials more than 70 times by now and in the corridors of the court wasting the government and Court’s time. The two officials tried to back themselves by giving silly excuses regarding not having a proper online platform to follow up on payments and bills, but again the Judge asked them if they can look at the online legal case monitoring system of AP for court hearings to remind them of bills to be paid. 

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