What is the real issue between Allu Aravind and Parasuram ?

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

After the success of Vijay Devarakonda’s Geetha Govindham, director Parasuram openly said it was producer Allu Aravind who came to his rescue when he was in dire straits and declared him as God Father. Such was the close affiliation between them. Also, it is a known fact that the Sarkaruvaari Paata director is committed to doing another film with Vijay Devarakonda for the Geetha Arts banner. All of a sudden, Dil Raju came into the picture and a film under the combination of this trio was officially announced last Sunday. This unexpected announcement irked Allu Aravind and he wanted to address a press conference on Tuesday to lash out at Parasuram for shifting loyalties after taking a huge advance from him.  

So, what is the real issue behind the screens which led to all this controversy? Here is our exclusive information. 

Parasuram readied a script for Vijay Devarakonda and narrated it to Allu Aravind’s close aide Bunny Vas long back. He suggested some changes to Parasuram and kept on delaying the project. Parasuram waited patiently and repeatedly insisted on announcing the project. As Bunny Vas didn’t pay heed to his request, Parasuram approached Allu Aravind who assured him that the project will materialise very soon. Despite waiting for a long time, neither Bunny Vas nor Allu Aravind gave any update to Parasuram. 

Meanwhile, he gave a narration to Dil Raju who immediately said yes. As Dil Raju got the dates of Vijay Devarakonda, he immediately announced the project with Parasuram. This announcement came as a shocker to Allu Aravind’s camp. Aravind is particularly furious with Parasuram because he didn’t inform him anything regarding this announcement. He didn’t answer Parasuram’s calls. So, Parasuram sent his wife to Geetha Arts office. She waited there the whole day to meet Aravind but he refused the appointment. In the end, Parasuram reached the office and they both met Aravind.  

An infuriated Aravind expressed displeasure at Parasuram’s betrayal. Reportedly, Aravind is not happy with Parasuram approaching Dil Raju with the same script. Also, he is disappointed at the announcement without having a word with him. Finally, Parasuram’s wife said they will call off the project if Allu Aravind wants it right now. As Aravind wanted to let Parasuram go with his fate, he said he doesn’t want to involve and also asserted that there won’t be any sort of help from his side in the future. 

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