“Vishwak Sen Sheds Light on the Ambitious Plans for Falaknuma Das 2

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Vishwak Sen shared an exciting update about Falaknuma Das 2 while promoting his latest film, Gangs of Godavari. The original movie, a gritty tale set in Hyderabad, was a big hit, and fans have been eager for a sequel since Sen announced it three years ago. What details did he reveal about the sequel?

In a recent interview, Vishwak Sen shared how his experiences with Hyderabadi Hindi criticism influenced the making of Falaknuma Das 2. He revealed plans to shoot the film separately in Hindi and Telugu, both set in Hyderabad, featuring a protagonist who speaks authentic Hyderabadi Hindi slang. This decision reflects Sen’s commitment to cultural authenticity and aims to cater to a broader audience while staying true to the film’s roots.

Vishwak Sen, the actor-filmmaker, expressed his belief that there hasn’t been a Hindi film accurately portraying a true Hyderabadi Hindi speaker, despite the prevalence of slang from other regions. He emphasized the difficulty for someone from Bombay to master Hyderabadi Hindi, stating that only individuals raised in Hyderabad can speak the slang authentically. This perspective underscores his commitment to representing the genuine essence of Hyderabad’s linguistic and cultural identity in Falaknuma Das 2.

Absolutely! Vishwak Sen’s vision for Falaknuma Das 2 promises an intriguing blend of authenticity and innovation. His commitment to showcasing the true essence of Hyderabadi Hindi slang and culture is commendable and sets the stage for an exciting cinematic experience.

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