Varun Tej going all out for Operation Valentine

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mega hero Varun Tej is gearing up for his Hindi debut with Operation Valentine. The film, billed as a tribute to the dauntless IAF, is set for a grand release in different languages simultaneously on March 1st. Ahead of its release, Varun embarked on an aggressive promotional campaign to augment the hype and generate more buzz among moviegoers.

As Varun Tej’s market took a huge beating with the embarrassing debacles of Gani and Gandeevadhari Arjuna, the box office outcome of Operation Valentine will be very crucial for his career. So, he is going all out and promoting the film like never before.

The first single of the film was unveiled at the Attari – Wagah border last month and drew the attention of everyone. Later, Varun Tej promoted the film at the popular Comic Con event held in Hyderabad. He visited multiple colleges and attended events like Pro Kabbadi League matches to talk about the film.

Varun also started giving multiple interviews to the media across the country. He even visited the Pulwama site and offered tributes to the deceased jawans. He even interacted with a Wing Commander who took part in the Kargil war.

Varun did all these promotions in one month and his commendable feat has managed to create a good buzz so far. It remains to be seen if Operation Valentine secures good openings and hand over some relief for him.

Directed by Shakthi Pratap Singh Hada, Operation Valentine stars Manushi Chillar and Ruhani Sharma in prominent roles.

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