Trisha gives a retort to Tamil Politician

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Star Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan has given a strong reply to an ex-leader of AIADMK, AV Raju. The actress has filed a legal complaint against this politician for his remarks,

Going into the details, the leader AV Raju made some derogatory comments about Trisha and her character which went viral. Responding to his words, Trisha via X gave a befitting reply by indirectly warning the leader by stating that some people will stoop down to any level to gain attention. Instead of coming down to their level, she claimed that her legal team would take care of necessary action rather than verbal war.

Recently, noted action choreographer Mansoor Ali Khan also made such comments about Trisha and faced legal punishments later. Now it is Raju’s turn for his reckless comments.

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