Thaman to walk out of Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Karam?


One of the leading composers of the Telugu Film Industry, SS Thaman was speculated to be walking out of the project ‘Guntur Karam’. Despite his association with the director Trivikram, the lead composer was heavily rumored to be shown the exit door.

The movie ‘Guntur Karam’ has been associated with constant rumors every now and then leaving the fans in confusion. Earlier, speculations were rife that the hero Mahesh Babu and Trivikram had creative differences but despite that, the movie went further. Later the main female lead Pooja Hedge got replaced with Sree Leela and now the composer SS Thaman is said to be replaced as well. Upon further research, it was heard that Thaman felt that he was the main reason behind the director’s previous hit, and even for ‘Guntur Karam’, his music would be the main asset. Deeply hurt by his statements, the director asked the composer to leave the project. However, the observers state that the tunes composed by Thaman failed to impress Guruji and they have amicably agreed to part ways. Whatever might be the reason, an official announcement regarding Thaman’s exit would be made by the makers of #SSMB28.

Directed by Trivikram, this movie is bankrolled by S Radha Krishna and Naga Vamsi jointly with a huge budget. The director is looking to replace Thaman with the ‘Khushi’ composer Hesham Abdul Wahab but let us wait for the official confirmation.