TDP launches a website that has all details about Skill Development project

Monday, June 24, 2024

The Telugu Desam Party has come up with an interesting move by launching an official website that has all the facts regarding the Skill Development project.

This Skill Development project is the most burning issue in the state of Andhra Pradesh with allegations of the ruling and opposition parties about the corruption that has taken place. Jagan Sarkar has imposed criminal cases on TDP supremo regarding this and he has been given judicial custody by the ACB Court for further investigation. To make the facts clear and to let the people of AP know, the TDP state president Kinjarapu Atchannaidu has launched a website that has complete information regarding this Skill Development project.

Addressing the media, Atchannaidu has stated that the website has every detail of what CBN has done as the chief minister for the future of the state in this project. He mentioned that a visionary leader like CBN will never resort to any kind of corruption. Atchannaidu also said that all the details with evidence were available on the website and anyone can have a look. Have to wait and see how the YSRCP responds to this.

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