TDP Chief Warns People Against Jagan’s Plot On Pensions

Thursday, May 30, 2024

TDP chief and former chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu has warned the people against conspiracies of CM Jaganmohan Reddy regarding the distribution of pensions in the state. In an openRe letter, he said that the distribution of social pensions is the responsibility of the government.

He alleged that CM Jagan Reddy is not carrying out that responsibility properly and is making the elderly and disabled people miserable with malicious intent. He said that they are making conspiracies on the distribution of pensions before the elections as never before for selfish interests.

He reminded that the Election Commission has exempted from the responsibility of distributing cash with volunteers in the context of the Election Code. In this context, the Election Commission has said that pensions should be provided at homes through alternative ways by the government employees.

But, he deplored that the YCP is using this development for conspiracies and machinations. Last year, they said that the pension funds were withdrawn from the banks before April 1, 2022 and distributed on the 1st. He said that if he had withdrawn from the banks earlier this year, there would not have been any problem.

He said that the Jagan government had released Rs.13,000 crores to its own contractors within 15 days between March 16 and March 30. They were angry that Rs. 2,000 crores due to the pensioners were also tied up to their own contractors and the treasury was emptied.

Naidu said that the distribution of pensions is being delayed due to lack of funds. If the government treasury had sufficient funds for the distribution of pensions, he said that y would have withdrawn the funds from the banks before April 1!

He asked that 2hy did Chief Minister Jagan Reddy not issue orders to distribute pensions at home from April 1 through the available 1.35 lakh secretariat staff? He accused that this made clear the hypocritical love and crocodile tears of Jagan Reddy towards the pensioners.

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