#SSMB28 – Mahesh Babu sparing no one

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Superstar Mahesh Babu is a stickler for perfection. Nowadays, he is not satisfied with those who are putting in half-hearted efforts for his films. Not many are aware of the fact that Mahesh expressed his anger on director Parasuram several times while working for Sarkaruvaari Paata. Now, it is the turn of Trivikram Srinivas to face the wrath of Mahesh who is sparing no one from fight choreographers to music director who couldn’t match his expectations.

Initially, Mahesh was not happy with the way renowned fight masters duo, Arivu and Anbu, composed the intro action episode. He wanted Trivikram to replace them and scrap the entire episode. Later, Mahesh was displeased with Trivikram’s half-baked script work. He asked Trivikram to make necessary changes and come up with a bound script. Accordingly, Trivikram took his time and reworked the entire story and screenplay.

Now, Mahesh is unhappy with music composer Thaman’s laxity and monotonous work. Rumours are rife that Mahesh is very particular about replacing Thaman because of his lazy attitude. Reportedly, he felt that Thaman is overloaded with many other films and might not be able to give his complete attention to SSMB28. So, he wants him to be replaced. But, Trivikram is insisting on Thaman and promised Mahesh to extract the best from him. It is still uncertain whether Thaman will continue to be a part of this much-anticipated film or will he get replaced.

So, Mahesh is not sparing anyone. He is very ruthless when it comes to the quality of his films. He doesn’t want a similar result like Sarkaruvaari Paata. Hence, he is showing no mercy even on the director and the music composer. He is expecting their full efforts for this film.

Guntur Karam is the title of this film. The first glimpse will be out on May 31st.

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