Celebrations in BRS camp: Kavitha’s name is not on 2nd charge sheet

Saturday, September 30, 2023

We all know what sensation the Delhi liquor scam has created across the nation and many big names have come out regarding the same which includes the BRS leader Kavitha.

She has been called for investigation a couple of times and many allegations have been made by the opposition parties regarding the same but the BRS party leaders have defended tellings that BJP is intentionally trying to corner KCR with his daughter Kavitha. The CBI has filed a second charge sheet regarding the liquor scam and what has drawn the attention of everyone is Kavitha’s name has been missing from the list. There is no mention of Kavitha in the complete report and it has shocked many. This has been very good news to the BRS cadre and they have started celebrating it. 

With this, the BJP leaders have fallen into defense as they use to target BRS and its chief KCR using Kavitha’s name in the liquor scam and have to wait and see how the ruling party reacts over this. 

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