Sailajanath to shift loyalties from Congress to TDP?

Monday, March 4, 2024

The senior leader of Andhra Pradesh’s Congress, Sake Sailajanath is looking forward to joining TDP since his future in APCC is blikering. The ex PCC Chairman is now holding talks with the TDP biggies regarding the same.

It all started with the constituency of Singanamala where the TDP’s candidate Sravani lost to YSRCP’s Padmavati since Sravani and her husband are dissident to the local TDP workers. It was also learned that more than three groups other than Sravani are trying for the Singanamala ticket and it is actually becoming a weakness to the TDP side giving a boost to YSRCP. Keeping this in mind, the regional TDP senior leader JC Diwakar Reddy reportedly met Sailajanath and invited him to the party. JC cleared Sake that even he had spoken to Chief Chandrababu Naidu regarding the same and the Supreme is interested in bringing Sailajanath to make him contest in Singanamala instead of other local leaders. Since Sake is a senior leader and has a grip on the locals, chances are more for TDP than YSRCP this time.

On the flip side, political observers say that Sailajanath has lost all hope since his good friend and former big leader of APCC, Kiran Kumar Reddy left Congress and joined BJP. In order to pursue his political career, Sailajanath is considering joining TDP sooner than expected. 

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