Rumors on Lokesh’s LCU spreading like a wildfire

Thursday, May 30, 2024

The sensational director Lokesh Kanagaraj needs no specific introduction down the South. He is best known for creating a cinematic universe with the characters of all his films Khaithi, Vikram, Master, and Leo.

Lokesh has created a sensation with his recent release Leo which features Thalapathy Vijay in the lead role. The fans and the general audience were amazed to see the characterization of Leo having a connection to the LCU. But there is a strong buzz going on in the social media which is worrying the fans of Lokesh Kanagaraj. As the speculations go by, it is heard that Lokesh won’t be directing the sequels of Khaithi, Vikram, and Leo in the coming future.

It is widely speculated that Lokesh’s assistant directors and co-directors would be handling the sequels of those films while Lokesh is going to supervise. This news has been spreading like wildfire on social media and the fans of Lokesh Kanagaraj are quite disappointed with this news. An official confirmation is awaited soon on this.

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