Ready to contest opposite Pawan Kalyan: Ali

Saturday, June 15, 2024

The comedian turned part-time politician, Ali is shaping himself up as a political rival to his long-time ex-best friend Pawan Kalyan. This YSRCP leader claimed that he is all set to contest as an MLA opposite Pawan Kalyan.

The Chief advisor of Electronic Media of the Andhra Pradesh government, Ali is expressing his solidarity with his favorite political party YSRCP. In his recent interview with a media outlet, the star comedian stated that he was so thankful for his boss Jagan and the way he encouraged Ali in his political career. Upon answering about his political future, Ali declared that he would do whatever his boss Jagan asks him to do and even contest against his ex-pal, Pawan Kalyan wherever he contests in the state of Andhra Pradesh at all Jagan asks.

This seemed to be shocking to many political observers as Ali recently forgot all the political differences with Pawan Kalyan and even invited the latter to his daughter’s marriage ceremony. However the absence of Pawan Kalyan might have irked Ali and this made him continue the forgotten enmity with Pawan Kalyan, opined the observers. Apart from this, Ali himself claims that friendship and politics are different and we have seen his own brothers contesting against each other in the political history of AP. Neither Pawan Kalyan is in the mood to trust Ali nor the YSRCP supporting comedian is backing off. Seems their friendship only strained more. 

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