Perni Nani’s Exclusive Interview: Voters to Decide Fate of Jagan’s Leadership in Upcoming Elections

Monday, February 26, 2024

YSRCP’s prominent leader and former minister Perni Nani has shared his insights on the upcoming elections based on his political experience. He emphasized that this time, the voters will decide on whether they want Jagan’s leadership or not. Nani asserted that the TDP’s vote aligns with the BJP, while the Jana Sena’s vote aligns with the Congress, but these won’t affect the YSRCP’s vote, including Sharmila’s candidacy. He affirmed that every vote garnered by the YSRCP signifies a positive endorsement.

Perni Nani conveyed his confidence that if the people of Andhra Pradesh feel the necessity for Jagan’s leadership, they will emerge victorious. In an interview with media, Nani addressed various questions posed by five editors, shedding light on several aspects. He reiterated that regardless of alliances formed against Jagan, the ultimate result would be the triumph of the YSRCP. “We are advancing with the slogan ‘Y Not 175’ because we firmly believe in the developmental and welfare initiatives undertaken by the YSRCP over the past five years in Andhra Pradesh,” Nani stated.

He questioned why a government that has accomplished numerous commendable tasks should not secure victory in all constituencies again. Nani highlighted the YSRCP’s fulfillment of every promise made during the 2019 elections and its commitment to serving all sections of society without discrimination.

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