Payyavula Keshav dares Jagan to come up with facts about growth

Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Payyavula Keshav confronted the AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and dared him to reveal all the details of the growth rate of AP.

The TDP MLA held a press meet the moment the AP state budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 was introduced in the Assembly yesterday. Responding to the budget, Keshav pointed out the exuberant numbers YSRCP is claiming in the budget. He opined that the imaginary numbers of the budget by the Finance Minister Buggana is nothing but a hoax on the AP voters. On this note, the PAC Chairman asked the YSRCP Chief to show him the most claimed growth rate of AP. He stated that when there was no economic growth in the state, how come the CM declared the growth rate was high. He added that Jagan was the one who asked the same question to CBN when he was in the opposition party in 2014 regarding the budget.

Keshav compared the current budget to his boss Naidu’s budget during his regime only to declare that not even 20,000 crores were spent on the main things like irrigation, farmer subsidies, etc in the past three-plus years of Jagan’s ruling. Terming Jagan as the best capitalist in a sarcastic way, Payyavula openly said Jagan is a failed economist leader. He ended the press meet by raising doubts about Jagan’s sudden visit to Delhi on the premise of Avinash Reddy’s arrest rumors.

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