Speaker suspends 14 TDP MLAs during budget sessions

Speaker suspends 14 TDP MLAs during budget sessions

Andhra Pradesh Assembly witnessed the introduction of the budget for the financial year 2023-24 the other day as much as Rs 2,79,279 crores of rupees is the mammoth figure introduced by the AP Financial Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy. During the introduction of the bill, the TDP MLAs protested and it resulted in their suspension.

When the bill was introduced, as many as 14 TDP MLAs stormed toward the Speaker’s podium and started protesting. At one point, a few MLAs tore the budget paper and threw it onto the Speaker’s dais which resulted in havoc. CM Jagan addressed the Speaker and requested to remove such MLAs who are causing distortion to the house’s proceedings. Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram after requesting them to be seated as they would be given time for questions after the complete introduction of the bill then suspended all the 14 MLAs from the house unconditionally from the entire day’s session. 

TDP MLAs later came to the press point only to declare that the ruling party is misusing its power to silence the questions and concerns of the opposition. MLA Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary termed Jagan as a liar as the latter claimed the growth rate of AP was 14% when in reality, it was only 7% ending the state into huge debts. MLA Ramanaidu reiterated that the CM who failed to complete Polavaram was claiming to aid farmers’ welfare was indeed a joke. Other MLAs declared that the YSRCP Govt has failed to allocate enough funds to 50+ corporations belonging to backward castes and has very less expenditure on irrigation.

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