Pawan Kalyan’s changed strategy in discussions

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Janasena’s supreme Pawan Kalyan has been reinventing himself in AP politics and changed his entire strategy for the upcoming elections of AP in 2024. A quick peek into his new campaigning explains everything.

Pawan Kalyan has started his political campaign with his Varahi and has been touring the East Godavari district as of now. Unlike in the past, Pawan has changed his approach as per the requirements. First and foremost, the leader who is known for going straightforward started thinking about alliances so that his vote bank shall not be wasted once again and is planning to go with TDP to enter the assembly. He is also confusing his opponents by sending feelers of alliance with TDP one day and declaring that he is all set to become CM in 2024. Not stopping there, the Janasenani openly asked people to vote for him unlike in the past when he asked them to choose their favorites carefully.

Coming to the latest approach, the actor-turned-politician who rather not talk much about movies started wooing the fans of other heroes like Mahesh, Prabhas, Ram Charan, and Chiranjeevi knowing that he needs the support of not just his young fans but fans of other heroes as well which he missed in 2019 where most of his fans didn’t vote for him. All these changes are exciting the political onlookers as they opine that Pawan Kalyan finally learned how to do politics. 

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