Pawan Kalyan turning a burden for producers

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Pawan Kalyan charges more than 50 Crores remuneration for his films. Despite his jam-packed schedule, he signs multiple films at a time. He then allots bulk dates for different producers to fulfil the obligations. After the shooting formalities commence, he gets busy with political parties leaving the directors and producers high and dry. Neither Pawan nor his team has clarity on when will he joins the sets. The producers cannot demand him to return their advances. They can only wait for him to show some mercy to them. This is what happening right now.

Pawan commenced shooting for Krish’s Hari Hara Veera Mallu three years ago. But, only half of the shooting part is done so far. AM Ratnam, the producer of this film, invested more than 100 Crores on this project. He is now mired in deep financial problems and he is helpless because he cannot shelve the project now after wasting so much time and money on it.

Meanwhile, Mythri Movie Makers gave advance to Pawan long back. After waiting for more than five years, they finally managed to get his dates for Harish Shankar’s Ustaad Bhagat Singh. He participated in the shoot for a few days and didn’t allot further dates due to his busy political campaigns. Now, Ustaad Bhagat Singh is likely to be put on hold for a few more months. This will result in a lot of losses to the production house. The director also waited for more than three years for this film.

His other film OG with Sujeeth as director is also likely to be delayed. Producer DVV Danayya is desperate to complete the film by the end of this year. But, the chances are bleak as Pawan is likely to extend his political tour.

On the other side, his upcoming film Bro is just a couple of weeks away from release. Pawan will need to complete the dubbing formalities if the film needs to release as per schedule. The makers are very anxious about Pawan’s availability.

No doubt, Pawan might be fighting for a good cause in politics, but his producers and directors are suffering a lot due to his unprofessional attitude. If he wants to dedicate himself fully to his political party, why can’t he take a break from films? This is the talk in the industry.

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