New BTS clip of ‘Jigarthanda Double X’ features amazing technical feats

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Superstar Raghava Lawrence’s upcoming film ‘Jigarthanda Double X’ recently released its behind-the-scenes (BTS) clip which focuses on its crew and their technical feats. As such, the BTS clip shows small-scale real life explosions, intricate wire work, and a very detailed set design.

After his most recent film ‘Chandramukhi 2’, Raghava went to the set, things began heating up as the whole crew was brimming with excitement. Constructing things from scratch, much of the film was in fact not shot in a studio, but rather in open air where the crew made a whole small scale urban town.

This included building the houses, their interiors, shops and more. Ironically, all of this was made to be blown up later making the whole effort only more commendable. Apart from set construction, it also focuses a lot on the camerawork, specifically the use of angles and lenses to be used for filming with Raghava himself supervising a lot of the production.

Additionally, almost every explosion in the film is real as a bunch of real fire and live small-scale explosives were utilised for a lot of dynamic, or rather dynamite flair.

Then came the wirework and the action choreography, and in this case the video was a bit more hush-hush. Nonetheless, it was clear enough that things were meticulously practiced on-set though there were also a bunch of jokes played by the crew despite their fatigue.

Some of this included goofing around on-set and even deliberately messing up some of the dance choreography much to the delight of the director and producers.

One of the big points in the BTS clip was the action because some punches were actually real. Instead of stopping at the last second, Raghava was shown actually punching the side actors in the stomach with some real force.

Written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj, the movie is a period-action-neo Western-drama-thriller and stars Raghava Lawrence, S.J. Suryah, Nimisha Sajayan, Shine Tom Chacko, and Naveen Chandran in pivotal roles. The film will hit theatres on November 10, 2023.

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