Nadendala Manohar Urges Swift Justice for Farmers Affected by Godown Fire

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Guntur: Jana Sena PAC chairman Nadendla Manohar urged the government to promptly address the grievances of farmers affected by the recent fire at the Tenali Shubham Maheshwari godown. Meeting with Guntur Collector M Venugopal Reddy, he submitted a memorandum outlining the farmers’ plight. Expressing concern over the delay in the submission of the officials’ report, Manohar emphasized the urgency of the situation. He recounted the distressing accounts of farmers he encountered during his village visits, where approximately 300 farmers lost their turmeric crops in the blaze.

Questioning the authorities’ inaction, he called for immediate intervention from both the authorities and the government to ensure justice for the affected farmers. Manohar appealed to the collector to expedite measures to provide relief and support to all farmers impacted by the incident.

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