MLA Pinnelli Continue Absconding Fearing Arrest In Some Other Case

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Even after AP High Court gave interim bail, Macherla YCP MLA Pinnella Ramakrishna Reddy continued absconding without surfacing anywhere fearing he may be arrested in some other case, including a murder case and another case of attacking a CI.

Still several police officers in Macherla area continue maintaining their proximity with Pinnelli and they are said to be conveying him information about police strategies and advising him not to surface till counting of votes are over.

As the High Court interim bail order was confined to only EVM breaking cases, Pinnelli feared that it may not prevent police from arresting him in some other cases. Recently, a case of attempt to murder has been registered against Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy in Rentachintala Police Station. Doubts are being raised that after knowing about it he is remaining anonymous.

 On the next day of polling, Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy and his younger brother Venkatrami Reddy created a ruckus in Karampudi along with their followers. The mob attacked the TDP office. They lashed out at TDP sympathizers and destroyed property. They attacked and injured CI Narayanaswamy who tried to stop him.

 On the night of the 14th of this month, a case was registered against the MLA, his younger brother and others under sections 307, 332, 143, 147, 324 and 149 of the IPC as per the complaint of VRO. However, the MLA was not arrested by the police despite severely beating and injuring a CI who was on duty. This crime of attempt to murder also pending against the MLA.

Police sources admitted that the special parties formed to arrest Pinnelli failed their duty as some police officers in those parties were providing advance information to the MLA on their movements. Thus they are non-cooperative with the officers who are leading those teams.

For instance, Pinnelli bought a flight ticket from Hyderabad to Dubai on 22nd of this month. A police officer from Palnadu knowing this information sent police teams to Shamshabad AIrport to arrest him. But, as some police personnel in that team informed Pinnelli about the police plan, he said to be changed for his foreign tour.

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