Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy’s Sensational Comments on KCR, YS Jagan

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Hyderabad: Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy suggested that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan may have deployed police to Nagarjuna Sagar anticipating a potential loss for KCR during the previous assembly elections. During the Telangana Assembly session on Monday, the government presented a resolution regarding Krishna river projects and KRMB-related issues. Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy expressed the government’s commitment to rectifying past water management mistakes and preventing water exploitation.

He highlighted the incident during the assembly elections when the AP government dispatched police to Nagarjuna Sagar, allegedly resulting in the illegal diversion of three TMC of water per day. Uttam Kumar Reddy insinuated that KCR might have reciprocated by sending police to Jagan Sagar, presuming his own electoral defeat. Emphasizing the importance of upholding project conditions, Reddy criticized the dissemination of misinformation by certain individuals.

He criticized the inefficiency of the previous government in safeguarding the state’s water rights, particularly referencing the agreement to allocate 512 TMC to AP and 299 TMC to Telangana. He underscored Telangana’s entitlement to 70% of Krishna waters and recounted discussions between KCR and Jagan, including shared meals and mutual praise in the AP Assembly.

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