Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy Counter To KCR

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Telangana Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy criticized KCR, highlighting discrepancies in his claims. Speaking at a press conference in Gandhi Bhavan, he accused the BRS regime of neglecting the irrigation sector, asserting that KCR’s statements during his district visits are false. Reddy emphasized that under BRS governance, farmers were denied crop insurance, making Telangana the sole state without such coverage nationwide. He ridiculed KCR’s emphasis on electricity achievements, attributing KCR’s alleged falsehoods to depression and fear of party decline.

Uttam Kumar Reddy questioned KCR’s moral authority to discuss irrigation, citing mismanagement and lack of planning in project construction. He denounced Kaleshwaram’s development under BRS, alleging collapse and exorbitant costs. He suggested that cooperation with NTPC could have provided free electricity, contrasting KCR’s claims with reality.

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