LIVE: Minister Ambati Rambabu’s Press Meet

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sattenapalli: Minister Ambati Rambabu issued a stern warning to Chandrababu Naidu, cautioning him to be mindful of his words. Minister Ambati criticized Chandrababu for labeling him an ‘ambothu’ and reminded him. He urged Chandrababu to exercise caution in his speech, accusing him of deceitfulness and misguiding the public.

Ambati blamed Chandrababu for his own political downfall, branding him a fraud and implicating him in Kodela’s suicide. He questioned Chandrababu’s treatment of Kodela’s family and his failure to support them after Kodela’s death. In response to Chandrababu’s recent public address in Palnadu, where he attempted to rally support against Jagan, legislators expressed discontent.

They criticized Chandrababu for making promises without acknowledging his past failures during his 14-year rule. Chandrababu’s pledges for Palnadu’s development, including the completion of the Varikapudi Sela project and a drinking water scheme, were met with skepticism. Ambati pointed out Chandrababu’s previous neglect of such initiatives and his current involvement in astrological predictions for seven MLAs in the Narasaraopet parliament constituency.

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