Lokesh demands the govt. to pay compensation to the farmers

Thursday, May 30, 2024

The TDP general secretary and the former minister Nara Lokesh have demanded the government to pay proper compensation to the farmers who lost their lands for irrigation projects.

Nara Lokesh who has been doing his padayatra in the name of ‘Yuva Galam’ has met the farmers of the Gajuldinne project and has spent some time listening to their problems. Addressing the same issue that the farmers have told him and submitted the memorandum, Lokesh has lambasted the ruling government for not taking the farmer’s issue seriously and has been neglecting it for quite a long time. The farmers also said that the cost of the land in their village is around 30 lakh per acre but the state government is paying only 4.2 lakh per acre.

Responding to this, Nara Lokesh has promised the farmers that the TDP will write to the state government regarding the compensation the farmers should get as per the norms and also gave his word saying that TDP will resolve each and every issue once it comes back to power.

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