LIVE: YS Sharmila’s Public Meeting in Nagari

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Nagari: AP Congress Chief YS Sharmila conducted a roadshow in Nagari today, taking the opportunity to deliver a stern message to YSRCP leaders. She specifically targeted local MLA and minister Roja, cautioning her about potential consequences. Sharmila warned that those who oppose her, like in neighboring states, will face defeat and retirement from politics. Addressing criticisms about her lineage, Sharmila challenged detractors to face her directly, asserting her independence from her father Rajasekhar Reddy’s legacy.

She criticized the YSRCP’s governance, highlighting alleged failures and contrasting it with her father’s welfare-oriented rule. Expressing disappointment with the current leadership, Sharmila emphasized her dedication to serving the people, citing her extensive efforts and sacrifices for the YSRCP. Despite her contributions, she felt sidelined by the party’s growth, accusing leaders of arrogance and neglecting the public’s interests. Sharmila reaffirmed her commitment to the people and vowed to continue fighting for their welfare.

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