Live : YS Sharmila’s Public Meeting in Kadapa

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kadapa: APCC President YS Sharmila has accused Sakshi magazine of tarnishing her reputation. Expressing her dismay, she questioned the necessity to engage in such base tactics and disseminate false information about her. Sharmila emphasized that she holds an equal stake in Sakshi media, sharing the same proportion as Jagan, as per her father’s wishes for them both to have an equal share in YSR Sakshi. These remarks were made during her address at a comprehensive Congress party meeting in Kadapa.

Sharmila further asserted that she no longer recognizes the Jagan she once knew. While he was her elder brother in the past, she claimed that he has undergone a drastic transformation since becoming the Chief Minister. Highlighting Kadapa as her birthplace, Sharmila shared that she, like Jagan, was born there at the Jammalamadugu hospital. She expressed dissatisfaction with the YSRCP cadre, accusing them of forgetting her contributions to Jagan and the party.

Sharmila lamented the daily creation of stories and the introduction of new individuals every day to criticize her. She called for a change in the narrative during the upcoming elections, questioning the values and loyalties of those involved. YS Sharmila Reddy emphasized her identity as the daughter of Rajasekhar Reddy, stating that this defines her existence.

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