Lakshminarayana bids for the Vizag Steel plant

Sunday, June 23, 2024

The ex-Chief of CBI, VV Lakshminarayana stunned all by participating in the bidding process of Vizag Steel Plant to save it from privatization.  As the bidding ended today by 3 PM, Lakshmi Narayana submitted his Expression of Interest on the behalf of AP people.

Lakshminarayana who is known for his special love and care in the region of Visakhapatnam has shown his commitment towards the Steel Plant. He has participated in a long march alongside the employees union and reached the Plant to submit his sealed cover that contains his bid contract details. Later he spoke to the press and declared that his sole motto is to save the Steel Plant as it is the sentiment of the two Telugu states. The ex-MP candidate of the Visakhapatnam constituency added that he would like to ask for donations from the two Telugu states in order to run the plant.

VV Narayana claimed that he can handle the operations of the plant and calculated that it costs almost 850 crores to run the plant every month. If all the citizens of the two Telugu states donate 100 rupees per head every month, within 5 months, he assured that the plant can run smoother than before. Whether he wins the bid or not, this ex-IAS officer won the hearts of many with his commitment.

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