KTR Reacts On BRS Leaders Leaving Party

Thursday, April 18, 2024

In Hyderabad, the Working President of BRS, KTR, launched a scathing attack, stating, “Even the gods cannot catch house thieves,” as he accused Patnam Mahender Reddy of betrayal while being associated with the party. Addressing a gathering in the Chevella constituency on Friday, he noted his extensive campaigning efforts during the assembly elections in the same constituency.

Expressing strong confidence in securing the Tandur assembly seat unanimously, KTR voiced uncertainty about the reasons behind their losses in certain areas. He vehemently accused Patnam Mahender Reddy of betraying the party’s trust. In the aftermath of the election defeat, KTR mentioned receiving a call from Ranjit Reddy, who suggested that announcing him as the Lok Sabha candidate for Chevella would ensure victory for them.

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