Kesineni Nani following his own route rather than following the party?

Monday, June 24, 2024

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani has been the talk of the TDP cadre for skipping Mahanadu which was held in a grand manner and this event has witnessed all the small and noted leaders of Telugu Desam Party except Nani.

If we observe carefully, Kesineni Nani seems to be very much disappointed with the top leadership of the party and it can be identified in his actions as well. The way he behaved once when all the other TDP members were giving a garland to CBN to which he was asked to join hands but he right away refused it on the public stage. This Mahanadu has garnered a lot of significance as it marks the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary NTR and also the one which is just before the elections.

The TDP cadre has tried its best and been successful in giving the much-needed boost to the cadre and the party. Even the MP Ram Mohan Naidu has attended Mahanadu but Kesineni Nani has given a skip, and what is more surprising is, he wrote a letter to Om Birla, the Lok Sabha speaker to give him permission to pay tributes to NTR inside the parliament. This has literally drawn the attention of everyone. This indicates Nani is not bothered about his party but taking his own route. Have to wait and see how the TDP supremo responds over this.

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