KA Paul’s Press Meet Accuses KCR and KTR of Political Misfortune

Monday, February 26, 2024

Hyderabad: Praja Santhi Party President KA Paul made his remarks as the timing of assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh and Lok Sabha elections across the country, including in Telangana, draws near. Paul claimed responsibility for the political misfortunes of KCR and KTR, asserting that his curses led to their losses, while attributing Revanth Reddy’s rise to the chief minister’s office to his blessings.

He touted his charity work, claiming to have distributed Rs 5 lakh crore and now embarking on village tours after traveling in his private jets—a spectacle he labeled as the eighth wonder of the Telugu states. Paul criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-corruption stance, alleging that despite the rhetoric, corruption remains rampant. He cited purported survey reports suggesting a 54% vote bank for the Praja Santhi Party across various channels.

Expressing his views on political alliances, Paul advocated for posthumous Bharat Ratna awards for NTR and Balayogi. He questioned Pawan Kalyan’s alignment with the BJP, accusing Chiranjeevi of being “sold” to the Congress during the Praja Rajyam era. He accused Pawan Kalyan of pursuing alliances with Modi and Chandrababu, alleging the sale of party interests for 25 seats. Paul claimed credit for introducing Chandrababu to Bill Gates and insinuated undisclosed meetings between them.

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