Jana Sena MLAs Unanimously Elect Pawan Kalyan as Legislative Leader

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Amaravati: Jana Sena party chief and Pithapuram MLA Pawan Kalyan has been unanimously elected as the leader of the party’s legislative party. The announcement was made on Jana Sena’s official ‘X’ account on Tuesday. The election took place during a meeting of the party’s legislative members at the Jana Sena central office in Mangalagiri, with all party MLAs in attendance. Tenali MLA Nadendla Manohar proposed Pawan Kalyan’s name for the leadership position, and the proposal received unanimous approval from all MLAs.

Meanwhile, all BJP MLAs convened at the party’s state office, where BJP state president Purandeswari led discussions regarding the selection of their legislative party leader. It was decided that all MLAs would adhere to the high command’s decision. Purandeswari expressed gratitude for the public’s confidence in the TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP alliance, which led to their victory.

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