Jagan’s OSD to appear before CBI in Viveka case

Monday, February 26, 2024

The Central Bureau of Investigation is not in the mood to slow down the probing of YS Viveka’s Murder case as it kept serving notices to many bigwigs. After the sensational interrogation of Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy, the case has got people to get questioned. Among them, none other than the OSD of the AP CM got served notices.

Going into the details, Avinash Reddy’s call records made him reveal two names in his questioning. One was the close aide of Jagan’s family, Naveen Reddy, and the other is the CM’s personal Officer on Special Duty, Krishna Mohan Reddy. As they already sent notices to Naveen, CBI has now summoned the OSD of Jagan to also appear before them for some questioning. According to the CBI, Avinash spoke to the OSB many more times on and after the day of Viveka’s murder and it is obvious that the CBI wants to know what’s cooking between Avinash and Krishna Mohan Reddy.

Officers on Special Duty are also IAS cadre officials who serve between the Chief Secretary and Under Secretary for any state’s Chief Minister. Krishna Mohan Reddy is the OSD for YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and his name floating up is indeed huge news for the AP political circles. TDP kept alleging that the bigwigs of YSRCP have involvement with Viveka’s murder right from day one and more probing shall uncover more truths regarding the case.

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