Jagan wants no progress in Viveka Murder case: Varla Ramaiah

Monday, February 26, 2024

The Telugu Desam Party polit bureau member lambasted chief minister YS Jagan for creating hurdles to the CBI investigation.

Varla has fumed about Jagan saying that he doesn’t want any progress in his parental uncle Y S Vivekananda’s murder mystery. He added that Jagan doesn’t want the culprits to be punished. Varla Ramiah also mentioned that after Jagan became the chief minister he has withdrawn the petition for a CBI probe in High Court. That clearly shows he doesn’t want the investigation to progress in this case, added Varla. Varla also stated that, despite YS Sunitha fighting really hard to get justice done, Jagan is creating hurdles in all the ways possible.

Varla Ramiah has made some serious comments that the state police is also getting involved in threatening the CBI officials and that too with the blessings of the Jagan. He also alleged that YS Jagan and co are trying desperately to help or sideline the Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy without getting into custody. Varla has finally demanded that the center should intervene and order a probe into the way the state police is functioning.

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