“I am not banned so far,” Rashmika Mandanna

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Rashmika Mandanna comes from Karnataka. Today she is getting offers from all over the country but her journey started in Kannada Cinema. However, the news is that the Kannada people are not happy with Rashmika Mandanna and her approach toward the Kannada industry or people. They also blamed Rashmika for not responding to the Kantara success. 

She has her share of controversies and Rashmika has recently responded to these. She has made some crucial statements responding to the controversies surrounding her. 

“At the time I was asked about Kantara I didn’t watch the movie. After a few days, I happened to watch it and messaged the cast and crew congratulating the success. I got the replies as well. For many who are commenting don’t know what’s happening inside. We can’t put a camera and show it to the world. I can’t reply to everything and will leave this to the people.”

Reacting to the ban rumors, she stated that so far she is not banned. 

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