Eatala Rajender’s Press Meet LIVE

Monday, February 26, 2024

ChatGPT The Congress government presented the state budget in the Telangana Assembly, prompting criticism from opposition parties. BJP leader Eatala Rajender condemned the budget speech, alleging that it followed an outdated trend and failed to reflect the current situation accurately. Rajender expressed skepticism about the implementation of promises outlined in the Congress manifesto, even with a budget allocation of Rs 5 lakh crore.

Rajender pointed out that only Rs 19,000 crore was allocated for agriculture, questioning how the government could fulfill promises such as a bonus for paddy, loan waivers for farmers, and unemployment allowances. He criticized the budget for its purported lack of provisions for sectors like education and support for auto drivers, while also demanding clarity on initiatives like Dalit Bandhu. Rajender highlighted the absence of mention regarding interest-free loans for women and urged for a stance on the closure of liquor outlets.

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