ED and Kavitha differ in various fact checks

Monday, June 17, 2024

Amidst high tension and speculations, the BRS MLC Kavitha attended her third round of questioning today at the ED office, in New Delhi. Political experts in parallel are engaged in huge debates regarding the facts both ED and Kavitha are claiming individually.

First and foremost the main link of Kavitha in this entire Delhi liquor Scam is due to her association with the South Group, helmed by her alleged associate and head of the group-Arun Pillai. South Group helped the AAP to kick back huge amounts of 100 crores. ED has been claiming that Kavitha was one of the representatives while Kavitha reiterates that she never represented the South Group but the experts point out at the ED as it officially mentioned that Arun himself gave his word. The second thing is regarding Kavitha’s mobiles as the ED again argues that Kavitha used more than ten mobiles but she only submitted a few while the latter declared that she has submitted all her used mobiles to ED already. Experts again went with ED as it has documented evidence regarding those used mobiles.

Last but not the least, ED declared that Kavitha went and met the AAP Deputy CM of Delhi Sisodia who was arrested and prosecuted by the ED itself but the BRS MLC like a stuck gramophone record kept saying she never met him in the first place. Needless to say, ED has its own evidence before they accuse Kavitha. All said and done, sources say that the grilling on the third day would be intense as ED prepared a long list of documents to confront.

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